Byron Sellers

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Lakrisha, I just wanted to thank you again. After our first call, I landed my first speaking engagement and retained 3 new clients! I'm thrilled with my results and I'd encourage anyone who wants to build a great brand to hire Lakrisha.

Yashika Rogers

Director of Talent

I wanted to revamp my resume after months of dead end job searching. Within our first month of working together, I was able land a role that seemed tailored just for me. If you're searching for your dream position, Lakrisha can help you soar to places you never thought possible.

Dawn Marie Markling

Management & Marketing Professional

I wanted to jump start my career. I received 5 emails from recruiters in the first week or working with Lakrisha!  I've booked 8 interviews and just said yes to my dream job offer with great pay and benefits.  She is the real deal!

Anne Mayers, MSBIA, LSSGB

Business Analyst & Project Manager

If you're in the midst of a job search and need a clear path- reach out to Lakrisha! After working with her, I finally have clear action steps and I know exactly how to get the interviews (and the job) that I want! Lakrisha saved me so much time and struggle. I'm more confident than ever in the value I have to offer.

Chanel Rose

Banker & Financial Professional

I knew Lakrisha would be invaluable as I transitioned into a new career. She helped me overhaul my resume and show off my talent and expertise in a clear way. If you're looking to move up in your career, I highly recommend Lakrisha.

Solan White

Senior System Administrator at Window Nation

Lakrisha is a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with. She has delivered excellent products beyond my expectation. Her diligence to get things “just right” is admirable. I have learned a lot about career navigation and the techniques to finding my dream job. I highly recommend Lakrisha as your career advocate; you will be better as a result!


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