Who is this service for?

Those of you that have been working for a while and looking for an upgrade on your job position or transition into a new company in a Manager level position.

What does it include?

Resume Writing - $499
Are you showing the right skills and experience for the job you want? Do you know how to target your dream job position in your resume? We'll do all this for you.


Cover Letter - $179
Impress your potential employers telling them exactly what you can do for them and their company, what makes you unique and why you are the right person for the job.


LinkedIn - $229
Recruiters and business owners are going to LinkedIn to find the right person for each job position, so you need to be there and do it right. We'll wirte your bio and display your experience for the job you want.

TOTAL: $907 - Get it NOW in a $799 Bundle!

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