Bryan Steptoe

Account Executive, Health Systems and Specialty Solutions at AmerisourceBergen

" Thanks to Lakrisha, I’m happy to report that I accepted a new position (my 2nd job offer during the pandemic). Over the last couple of years she helped me go from a supervisor to director, helped increase my salary considerably and enabled me to change careers completely and get into Healthcare. Her career advice and encouraging words along with the resume that she created for me has opened so many doors and I can’t thank her enough!!! "

Mendy Moore

Production Manager at Carl Buddig and Company

" working with Lakrisha was effortless, she knew exactly how to put my resume together, and after 2 weeks after having my resume, and LinkedIn profile up, I not only received several calls, and interviews. I was extended an offer making 30k more, and a job I truly love. Thank you Lakrisha! "

Troy Waters-Everett

Consumer Insights | Customer Insights | Competitive Intelligence|

"Like so many others, I was like let go from my job due to COVID-19. While I was good at networking and adding people to my network, I was not good at updating my linked in profile. A lot of things had changed in the past 4 years while I was employed. Looking for a job was different this time and it didn't help that COVID-19 was in the mix. I was in desperate need of a LinkedIn refresh and a new resume that would make me stand out from the crowd. Lakrisha Davis did not disappoint. After one conversation, she understood the roles that I wanted to attract professionally, and she also took the time out to get to know me personally."

Mercedes Engle

Hospitality Leader | Operations Excellence ~ Customer Service-Driven ~ Empowering teams to achieve results

My experience with NextUp Resume was nothing short of amazing! My resume writer took the time to get to know me and learn my expectations for my resume. She was professional, honest, and made me feel at ease through the whole process. My documents came back in seven days time and they were beautifully executed. I was able to give my feedback and my writer was able to make the adjustments quickly. She was able to articulate who I am and my work experience through my professional documents and I couldn't be more grateful. I would most certainly recommend NextUp Resume to anyone who may need their resume or LinkedIn spruced up. They will get the job done and more importantly, get it done right!

Christian Martey

District Manager at


Ms. Davis has a natural talent of making your experience jump off the page. The verbiage, attention to detail, and structure she put into my resume is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I have been meaning to update my resume and I was referred to her by my sister who has been following her pages/ services for over a year! I can confidently say that Ms. Davis did not disappoint. Bravo 10/10!

Christopher Edwards

Instilling empathy and perspective through experience and interaction design

I had the esteemed pleasure of working with Lakrisha Davis's company NextUp Resume a few weeks ago, and I must say it was one of the best decisions I made. Because I'm in the process of switching careers from two different entry fields, and I needed help with this transition. After reaching out to Lakrisha and speaking with her, I realize I made the right choice. When we spoke for the first time, she was friendly yet professional. I was comfortable right away, and before I knew it, I realized this was her interview process. She took her time to get to know me as a client, and I truly appreciated that. After a few days, I received my first draft, and I was amazed by her resume writing skills and her attention to detail. After going over her work, I felt as if she genuinely understood me as a client, and she delivered everything I ask for in my resume. Now, I can say I have the right tools to pursue my career change, and I look forward to many new interviews. All thanks to Lakrisha, who I highly recommend, by the way, if you want your resume done correctly.


What Our Candidates Are Saying

Solan White

Senior System Administrator at Window Nation

Lakrisha is a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with. She has delivered excellent products beyond my expectation. Her diligence to get things “just right” is admirable. I have learned a lot about career navigation and the techniques to finding my dream job. I highly recommend Lakrisha as your career advocate; you will be better as a result!

Dawn Marie Markling

Management & Marketing Professional

I wanted to jump start my career. 

I received 5 emails from recruiters in the first week or working with Lakrisha!  I've booked 8 interviews and just said yes to my dream job offer with great pay and benefits.  She is the real deal!

Yashika Rogers

Director of Talent

I wanted to revamp my resume after months of dead end job searching. Within our first month of working together, I was able land a role that seemed tailored just for me. If you're searching for your dream position, Lakrisha can help you soar to places you never thought possible.

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